Community Church of Douglaston


At the local level, the Community Church of Douglaston is governed by the Consistory which is the local body made up of Elders, Deacons and the Ministers of the Word and Sacrament, and officers. The pastor is the president of Consistory and this body is responsible for continuing the ministry of Christ in our community today. Elders are responsible for the spiritual nurture and well being of the congregation, while the Deacons have a ministry of Mercy, Service, and Outreach. Together with the ministers, these officers ensure that all is done decently and in good order, so that Christ's work will continue.

The daily work of the Consistory rests not only with the Ministers, Deacons and Elders, but also with our five standing committees (Finance, Membership, Property, Education, and Worship), as well as other ad hoc committees as needed. All of our committees and officers of the church report to and are under the authority of the Consistory. The Consistory reports to the congregation each year in the Annual Report, and periodically in informal announcements in the weekly bulletin and by email.

The Consistory is amenable to the Queens Classis which is a gathering of all the Ministers and Elder delegates from the local churches in its bounds. The Classis has oversight over all churches, ministers and Consistories in our area. Classis acts as a 'collective Bishop' to ensure that Christ's body is held in highest regard and the ministry of the church promotes the work of our Lord. In addition to Classes there are Regional Synods and the General Synod that each function to assist and encourage the ministry of the churches. These also act as higher judicatories for appeals. Together these bodies further the ministry of Christ's church.

  • Rev. Linda Gold, Classis Supervisor
  • Rev. Sally Ann Castle, Interim Pastor



   *Kame Barnes

   *Annette Mohammed

   *Megan Rha

  • Jean Koerber 
  • Susan Stiles
  • Amy Wolf
  • Michel Fiechter