Community Church of Douglaston



Introducing our children to a lifelong faith journey

At CCD, we know that the church is ourIntroducing our children to a lifelong faith journeyyouth: they are the pilgrims, apostles, and missionaries who will carry the Christian message out into a world that is increasingly hostile to it. And we know that our youth need the church: for without God and the assurance of His love, how will they navigate the materialism, coarseness, and emptiness of the world outside the church?

We welcome children of all ages -- infants and toddlers, pre-schoolers and middle-schoolers, high school students and the college-bound -- to participate in our youth activities.


Sunday School

The Sunday School program combines solid Biblical teaching with a lively and creative approach designed to engage and inspire. CCD also sponsors a pre-K program, nursery school, and "Middle School Madness," led by Rev. Dr. Linden DeBie, combines moral and ethical lessons with fun and games for pre-teenagers. At CCD, your family will find a spiritually nurturing place to learn and grow in God's love. You will find a supportive network of mentors and friends dedicated to inspiring children and adults on their lifelong faith journey.

Youth choir

The youth choir is led by Linda Mulé with assistance from Sue Stiles, and accompanied by Alexandra LaGrassa. Children meet Sundays in the chapel at 9:30 AM for rehearsal. Children perform weekly during the school year -- and they are irresistible!

Christmas Pageant

The traditional Christmas story is told to the accompaniment of original music, composed and directed by our own Kim Iannuzzi and Dennis Pidherny, and performed by all the children of the Sunday school the week before Christmas.

Confirmation class

Taught by Dr. DeBie on the first Sunday of the month for middle-school students. Students face tough questions and engage in thoughtful discussion. Focusing on the Sacraments, the class will work through moral issues with games and outreach. Students go on trips, perform community service, and have social opportunities throughout the school year.

Youth activities

Youth activities include the regular meeting of middle-school students, an annual family retreat at Shelter Island, service opportunities such as Brown Bag Sunday collection and delivery, Sunday School Sunday when the youth lead the congregation, and the year-end All-Church BBQ, in addition to occasional additional outings led by church pastors, mentors, and parents.